Frequently Asked Questions

About SilverBullet

1. What is SilverBullet?
2. How is SilverBullet useful for students?
3. How is SilverBullet different?
4. What is the Syllabus for courses in SilverBullet?
5. What are course contents in SilverBullet?
6. Is there any video lessons in SilverBullet?

Getting Started

7. I am new to SilverBullet; how do I start?
8. Can I avail free test / course before any purchase?
9. What facilities can I avail after activating SilverBullet?
10. How can I buy or join SilverBullet?
11. Will I get refund?

General Queries

12. I want to retrieve my password as I have forgotten it
13. I want to contact customer support
14. What all entrance exam coaching are taken care in SilverBullet?
15. I want to know different types of course available on SilverBullet.
16. I want to know the system configuration for SilverBullet.
17. Does SilverBullet offer any crash or long term courses and online lectures?
18. Can I download SilverBullet tests to refer in the future?
19. Who are the faculty / teachers preparing contents for SilverBullet?
20. Can I share my SilverBullet entrance course log in with others?
21. If I find errors in question, what I will do?
22. Is it suitable for 10th standard students?
23. I am a teacher; Can I use SB to teach my students?
24. I am a teacher; Can I contribute to SB?

Registration / Log In

25. I want to log in with facebook / google+.
26. I forgot my password, how to log in SilverBullet a/c.
27. Email ID already registered.
28. You can’t remember your email ID.


29. In case I am unable to attempt a test due to a bad internet connection, what do I do?
30. I can’t access the course even after being paid course fee.
31. I am travelling abroad in some days. Will I be able to access SilverBullet from any other country?

Why should I take SB:

32. What is a study plan?
33. Learning materials with SB:
34. How can I understand my strengths & weakness using SB?
35. Whether SilverBullet will help to improve Accuracy & Speed?
36. How does SilverBullet save time for me?
37. How does learning on SB improves my efficiency?
38. How does SB improve my accuracy & speed?
39. Does SB offer support on day to day learning if I have doubt?
40. How do I add a mentor?
41. How is SilverBullet cost effective?