How to Prepare Effectively... in Next 12 Months?
Most often in entrance exams, students fail because of minor 'score slippages' due to small gaps in knowledge or poor speed. How can you prevent yourself from falling in to the larger group who fail despite good subject knowledge and attending the best coaching centres?
  • What you need now at this point of time when the entrance exams are just a few months away, is Remedial Learning. Knowledge gaps should be identified and worked on consistently. You may not be able to do this effectively in a traditional classroom entrance coaching model. Silverbullet online entrance learning program gives you cumulative analytics on your knowledge gaps and learning materials to do remedial learning.
  • Only practice can make you perfect. Routine practice tests on Silverbullet online learning program can help dramatically improve Speed and Accuracy for entrance exams.
  • Moreover, you have only very little time available to you after regular school. Silverbullet is an efficient self-learning mechanism which can save a lot of time and hassles.
  • Silverbullet works as a good compliment to regular school and traditional entrance coaching classes helping you in both board and entrance exams.
You can do your final round preparation very effectively with Silverbullet!
  • You can take regular online practice tests.
  • Find knowledge gaps from analytics.
  • Do remedial learning online.
  • Retake practice tests to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Improve scores.
Silverbullet is an advanced online learning ecosystem designed to prepare for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams in India.
It uses a novel and unique Study Plan Methodology which breaks down your syllabus into simple daily learning tasks and tests. The system shows your gaps in knowledge which can be improved by remedial learning. Learning will be easy and can help you dramatically improve your performance in Board and Entrance Exams.
Your Benefits from Silverbullet Entrance Course
  • The systematic and routine Drill Approach can help dramatically improve your Accuracy and Speed in Entrance Exams.
  • Convenience of learning from Home, without unnecessary travel.
  • Can learn from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Accessible on PCs, Laptops, Tablets and Mobiles.
  • Saves Time and Money
  • It’s easy to take along with regular school work and therefore reduces your stress.
  • Great Insights to subject concepts with detailed Answer Discussions, Lesson Summary, Flash Cards, Problem Samples and Equations Notes prepared by a panel of experts.
  • Find knowledge gaps and do remedial reference and study.
  • Flexibility to study every day or on days of your choice every week.
  • Rich exposure to a good variety of questions - New and Previous Year Questions from popular entrance exams in India.
  • An ideal training mechanism which works well as a standalone entrance learning program or along with traditional entrance coaching classes.
Start Early to Succeed. Start Today.
5 Ways How Silverbullet Helps You Perform Better at Your Entrance Exams
1. Wholesome Learning in an Optimal Way - Comprehensive yet precise learning materials structured in systematic study plans, helps you learn more in lesser time and in a wholesome manner.
2. Improves Your Accuracy and Speed - Regular drills on multiple choice questions with detailed answer discussions can help you become dramatically more accurate and faster for your Entrance Exams.
3. Your Knowledge Gaps will be Managed Better - Extensive analytics helps you identify your knowledge gaps consistently and focus on them.
4. Easy Revision - The unique deployment of learning materials and bookmarking features can help you with revising your portions easily and systematically, which is critical for long term memory of what you learn.
5. Saves You Time and Hassles - You can learn from the comfort of your home, school or anywhere with an internet connection, on multiple devices like Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet or a Mobile. This can save a lot of time and hassle for you.
Study Plan
Scientifically prepared schedule of practice tests and learning materials which helps you learn the entire syllabus portion of class 11 and 12 in a systematic way.
Tests & Solution Discussions
Through Practice Tests, Review Tests and MockTests, Silverbullet gives you exhaustive variety of Multiple Choice Questions to improve your Accuracy, Speed and Test taking skills. For each question there is a detailed explanation of answers.
Analytics gives you detailed reports on your knowledge gaps, scores, accuracy and speed, helping you to focus on areas required for improvement.
Remedial Learning
Answer Discussions with each question is an ideal way to do remedial learning in a contextual way. You can also access the Free Concept Library for Lesson Summary, Problem Samples, Flash Cards and Equation Notes.


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